Instructional Support

The Instructional Support Team is:

  • A team of trained educators working together to provide assistance to a student experiencing academic and/or behavioral difficulties
  • A support for the classroom teacher to develop strategies and interventions designed to promote student success
  • A support system encouraging parental involvement to benefit the child at home and at school

The instructional support process begins after a request for assistance is made, usually by the classroom teacher. The following process occurs within a prescribed time period:

  • The instructional support teacher sends a letter home.
  • Data regarding the child is gathered and reviewed.
  • A curriculum-based assessment and/or behavioral observations and assessments are completed; the results are reviewed by the team.
  • The Instructional Support Team, including the classroom teacher, identifies the student’s area of need and engages in collaborative problem solving to formulate strategies to enhance student performance.
  • An intervention plan is selected by the teacher.
  • Implementation and monitoring begins with the assistance of the support teacher.
  • The intervention is reviewed to determine success.

For more information regarding the I.S.T. process at Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center, please contact:

Ms. Molly Cheslock  Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  610 374-0739, ext. 4506