Physical Education

The overall goal of our first- through fourth-grade physical education (P.E.) program is to:

  • Develop the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • To have students participate regularly in physical activities and to view these pursuits as life-long activities.
  • To enhance students’ self-esteem as they become physically fit.
  • To have students recognize the benefits of participation in physical activities.
To coordinate physical education activities with the units being studied in other subject areas as a means of curriculum integration.

Units of study are divided into three areas, which are allotted one 45-minute class per six-day cycle for 12 weeks. First grade meets two times in a six-day cycle for one 30-minute and one 45-minute class. Second, third, and fourth grades will meet one time in a six-day cycle for 45-minutes.
Units of Study


  • Locomotor skills, drills, and introductory games
  • Ball skills, drills, and introductory games
  • Fitness test
  • Soccer
  • Cooperation games
  • Running and relay games


  • Tumbling skills
  • Folk dance
  • Lummi sticks
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics and tumbling
  • Basketball
  • Newcomb skills, drills, and introductory games


  • Tag games
  • Kick ball
  • Circuit training
  • Whiffle ball
  • T-ball
  • Relays
Through out the physical education program, cooperation, good sportsmanship, leadership, trust, and respect are emphasized. Children love and are very eager to attend P.E. classes during the school year. Remember to stay fit!